• Already A Hero: Book 2 in the Oasis Group series.

Detective Brady Lawrence is directing traffic at the middle school just to catch a glimpse of the sweet woman who works there. But once he’s back in plainclothes, he is trying to stop the sex-trafficking ring that continues to abduct young people all over the Pacific Northwest.

Madison Petersen has escaped a bad marriage to a man who is very likely part of the Russian mob. Because her testimony could reveal a deeper conspiracy, her life is now in danger. Terrified by a gruesome threat, she runs straight into the arms of the hot cop at the school crosswalk and what starts out as an act of self-preservation, quickly turns into a passionate affair of convenience.

Madame Abigail Blakemore, steampunk temptress and talented clairvoyant, steps in to help the police again by allowing both good and evil spirits to communicate through her. Will it be enough to allow Madison to live her life without fear? Will Brady be able to let Madison go when she is out of danger?

And what about Abby’s love life? Have the spirits finally given her and her moody ex-Special Forces boyfriend, Kent, the green light for their own happily ever after? Or are they still destined for troubled waters on way to the happiness they both deserve?