Guest Blogging on Reviews: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

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Anybody who knows what its like to get a wonderful or horrible review should check it out!!!

Since its all about reviews…Here is a link to my favorite review ever, The Book Maven

16178671Dangerous Heart

Philadelphia, 1838
Penelope Kincaid believes she is a unremarkable, unlovable girl, especially when she sees herself in her father’s disapproving eyes and his constant comparison to her perfect little sister. All she’s ever wanted is to be loved by her father the way he loves her sister. So when a friend’s brother agrees to marry Penny she believes all her problems are solved. Her father must approve since her new fiancé is rich and of the right social standing. Finally, her father will see that she is worthy of his love.

Cord Vandenberg believes he can never escape his own tortured past. Instead, he will save his best friend from a similar fate whom he believes is being married off to a social climbing gold-digger. Cord vows to stop Penelope Kincaid from ruining his friend’s life. In his attempts to break the two apart, he discovers that Penny’s heart is true, and her kisses are sweeter than wine. She is the only person who can pull him from his darkness, but she is engaged to his best friend. He is tortured by both the thought of hurting his friend and losing Penny forever.


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