Cover Models, OH MY!

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The Blog Tour comes to an end…

Going to wrap this up with a blog for Laird, who helped make my website so beautiful….

Ever wonder about Romance Novel Cover Models?

By laird sapir :: Published February 18, 2013

Lately, things have been crazy busy around here! Sorry about my extended absence. I hope to be back soon!

Fortunately, some of the things that have kept me busy have been really fun projects. For instance, I recently got the chance to help the very talented writer, Sheryl Hoyt (who writes under the name Saralynn Hoyt) with her new website. And, speak of the devil, here she is now, with a very interesting (and visually, a hem… satisfying?) post about Romance Novel cover models… who, it turns out, really exist in real life!

Take it away, Sheryl!

Read the rest here…..

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