FREE! Heaven Made 2/28 thru 3/4 Downton Abbey Meets Ghost

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Downton Abbey meets Ghost

London, 1905

Sabrina Tremaine is recently widowed and unfortunately penniless which leaves her no choice but to marry her brother in law. She discovers that her young daughter is in danger from his depravity. Knowing she has to protect her child at all costs, she escapes in the dead of the night to start a new life. Sabrina’s concerns are multiplied when her little girl, Alice, insists that she is communicating with her dead father.

Through the manipulations of some interfering ghosts and the mysterious Madame Lou, Sabrina finds a Lady Help position in the home of Ford Northcliffe. He is a scientist and a decent man who has made a binding deathbed promise to his mother to marry a woman he barely knows, and certainly doesn’t love

With the help of the mystical matchmaker, the two have fallen into the trap of a forbidden passion and a consuming love that neither can deny. But there are insurmountable obstacles in the way of their happiness and it will be up to the spirits of the dead to guide their destiny.


Heaven Made, by Sheryl Hoyt (writing as Saralynn Hoyt)

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