Prepping for: Romantic Times Booklover’s Convention 2013

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I’m leaving tomorrow to arrive in Kansas City, MO, for the 30th Annual RT Book Blast. Can’t wait to see all my favorite Romantic Times peeps and join in the late night revelry with my bestest friend and critique partner, Deb Schneider.

My carryon bag is packed and weighing in at a cool 34 pounds (the limit is 35). Hopefully the kind folks at Frontier Airlines will take it off my hands at the gate for no charge. My full size—and then some—suitcase should slip in at just under 50 pounds with all the various outfits, costumes and accessories. This year I will be dressing up as a zombie, a 70’s fitness nut, a steampunk gal and a historical lady. Photo’s to follow. Hopefully I won’t leave my camera at home like I did last year.

This year I’m going to skip most of the self/Indie pub workshops and instead concentrate on the business side of things. Social Media, SEO, metadata and other computer things that make my head spin. Mostly, I’m just looking forward to spending time with my gal pal, Deb and acting silly and outrageous, dancing at the parties and staring at hunky men.

Saturday night should be the most interesting as Deb booked our return flight for 6:30AM! Yikes! And the shuttle is picking us up at 3:45AM, so whether or not we actually go to sleep that night or just stay awake is still up for debate.

Still have at least 6 hours of work to do when I get home tonight, so I’ll be up late. Thank goodness I get to sleep in a bit. Next stop, Kansas City!

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