Writing Again

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Love Potion #9-newHad this short story sitting around and wanted to expand it to a novella. Finally got started this weekend with an idea that just hit me, WHOMP!

The heroine is a palm reader in contemporary Seattle (so no this won’t be another historical). However, she is in fact the great, great granddaughter of Madame Lou, my psychic in Heaven Made.

Now I’m really excited about writing this and who knows, it may even turn into a full length novel.

Madame Abigail even has her own website (hey all good modern psychics do nowadays).

Watch as it develops.


*note added 8.16.2013: Although I’m not working on this book right now (since Amazon bought Heaven Made) it will be written eventually. When depends on what my editor wants to see next and I’m pretty sure she will want another Edwardian. I’ve started writing that one and I’m calling it my Titanic book (titles anyone?) and it will feature Madame Lou again as well as her psychic cousin from New York, Madame Francesca.

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