• Heaven Bound

  • Available November 29th 2014 from Amazon Digital

    ISBN: 1503359700

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Recent widower, Jackson Bradley, is still deeply grieving many months after the tragic death of his wife, Clara. He’s traveling home to England to bury her in the family mausoleum and deal with the shambles of his own family’s estate following his father’s recent untimely and highly-suspicious death. He’s vowed to guard his heart from loving another woman, because he can’t face the pain of loss again. Adeline James is a reformer and suffragette and self-admittedly spoiled by her rich father whose wealth competes with the Astor’s and Vanderbilt’s. Clara was Addie’s best friend and Addie dreamed of a marriage filled with love, like her friend’s. But at her father’s insistence, she is on her way to be paraded before the penniless Lords in London to select the sort of husband that her dead mother always wanted for her. Even though Jack and Addie have been friends for many years, Jack’s guilt at his unwanted attraction to Addie makes him push her away and once in England they part on bad terms. But their dearly departed loved ones are in contact with the medium and famous London Spiritualist, Madame Lou, who are all determined to bring these two time-crossed lovers together.


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