• Hero Forgotten; a sexy new contemporary novella. First in the Oasis Group series.

  • Available April 13, 2016

    ISBN: 978-0-9853292-6-6

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My newest book, Hero Forgotten, has been a long time coming. The idea of this story was first published as a 2500 word short story for a Valentine’s Day anthology under my given name, Sheryl Hoyt, in 2009 under the title of Love Potion #9, I just couldn’t stop thinking about Abby and Kent. In 2012 I had already decided to write my first contemporary romance featuring Madame Abigail who helped law enforcement solve crimes. But got interrupted with a publishing contract for Heaven Made. I put aside my ideas and instead got to work on a second Madame Lou book, which was Heaven Bound. But Abby and Kent demanded to be heard and have their story told.

So here it is;
Hero Forgotten introduces Blakemore cousins Abigail-the medium, Jacob-who senses danger and is an empath, and Marty-who dabbles in the herbal arts.

Abigail Blakemore is a descendant of talented female mediums and is one of the best in her own right. Law enforcement from all over the Seattle area seek her out to help with their toughest cases. However, hiding at home and conducting most of her business via the internet is no way to meet men. But a new ghost who has entered her life is about to change all of that.

Kent Caruso, ex-Special Forces, now a highly skilled hacker at a Seattle dotcom, can’t forgive himself for his wife’s accidental death while he was deployed in Afghanistan nearly two years ago. Interested in the supernatural for years, he finds himself wandering into a little occult shop on Valentine’s Day and smack into the sexiest palm reader in Seattle.

The first book in the Oasis Group series starts with a fast, hot romance between Abby and Kent that gets a little help from cousin Marty and one of his not-quite-perfect elixirs. What will the side effects be and will Kent and Abby’s love be strong enough to prevail over the powerful Blakemore legacy? Only cousin Jake Blakemore, CEO of the Blakemore Oasis Group—a prestigious private security firm of highly skilled operatives—knows how deep those male dominated Blakemore secrets go and he won’t share much of his knowledge with Abby. But he assures his cousin that if hers and Kent’s feelings are true than in the end, nothing can stand in the way of their happiness.


Order Hero Forgotten; a sexy new contemporary novella. First in the Oasis Group series.