My Story

My story of perseverance and not caving to the ‘man’ the NY publisher that is.

by SaraLynn Hoyt published after 22 plus years.

I’ve really been writing nearly all my life (47 years). My mom saved all my little kid short stories about doggies and candy and a caveman (no idea where that came from). In my teen years I was writing poetry and getting recognized in school publications. I always knew I wanted to do this, but until I was around 25 years old, the right story hadn’t invaded my head yet.

One night, when I couldn’t sleep (yes I’m a terrible insomniac) I jumped out bed, grabbed a pad of paper and began writing like mad, the story could no longer be contained. These were the old days so the next morning I had to make due with an electric typewriter and I spewed out a hundred pages of the story that had to be told. Later I found a used medical office computer with Wordstar on it (using the term computer loosely for the year 1991, floppy discs and all) retyped those 100 pages and thus began my writing career. I finished the book and with much excitement printed it out (all 350 pages) and put it in a box and mailed it off to Avon Harper Collins, anticipating quitting my job and appearing on Oprah for my whirlwind book tour.

Well, I’m older and wiser now and the proud (devastated) recipient of hundreds of rejections. Six manuscripts later (two of which will never again see the light of day including that first one) and I nearly gave up on my dream. But then something interesting was created and it was called the Kindle. Now I’m not plugging Mr. Bezo here (my first e-reader was a Nook), even though I was born and raised in Seattle and still live here to this day, but he did start a revolution.

I’ve been watching it closely and in 2011 when I met Mark Coker of at the RT Booklovers convention, I knew this what I’d been waiting for all these years. I pulled out the dusty old manuscripts and started to read, loving these stories and characters all over again. Did some research with the help of my published friend and amazing critique partner, Deborah Schneider aka Sibelle Stone, and started down this path to freedom and independence. Hired a great editor, Annie Seaton, and my wonderful cover artist, Steena Holmes, and started the real work. A few months later of giving up my weekends and getting no sleep, I am published. This online community of Indie writers and contributors is amazing and I can’t wait to see what we all do with this newfound power next. To the moon!

Love to everyone,